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North Wilkesboro Fire & Life Safety Education Program Mission Statement

The North Wilkesboro Fire Department is proactive toward fire & life safety education. The goal of the fire department's fire & life safety education program is to prepare all citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to be safer and healthier citizens by providing opportunities to enhance their awareness of total life safety.

The mission of the North Wilkesboro Fire Department's Fire & Life Safety Education Program is to increase the public's basic knowledge and skills in many areas of life safety as well as injury prevention. By enlightening the citizens of North Wilkesboro about the hazards of everyday life, North Wilkesboro Fire Department wants life safety education to be a lifelong learning process. Typically we have concentrated on fighting and extinguishing of fires. Now that we are responding to much more than just fire emergencies, our direction towards public education must also be altered. Since your department responds to all kinds of emergencies, big or small, we must also be responsible for educating our citizens about how to deal with these emergencies, as well as how to prevent them.

Fire, life, safety education will promote safety and unintentional injury and provide survival skills for a wide range of everyday hazards. The educator will create a presentation specific to the needs of the audience, and then provide follow up sessions or activities if necessary. The life safety opportunity will usually include visuals such as video, working smoke detector and a non-working smoke detector. Hands on opportunities are also available for children by scheduling the Fire Safety House and other events where participants actually practice home fire education and for adults with fire extinguisher training. Examples of presentations include but are not limited to: Senior Citizen Fire Safety, Work Place Fire Safety, Evacuation Planning, and Home Fire Hazards. The educational opportunities can be shared with the public through a variety of settings: business, educational, social, community, etc.