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Merlefest Camping

The North Wilkesboro Fire Department provides camping at the North Wilkesboro Rotary Park during Merlefest which is held on the campus of Wilkes Community College and is the perfect campground to camp while in town for Merlefest. We are committed to being the best and offer the most flexible RV camping and tent camping options available during Merlefest.


9/3/21 - Shuttle Vans Unabled To Be Offered

Due to the continued spread of Covid within the community we will NOT be able to offer shuttle service from the campground to Merlefest and there will be limited staff at the campground during the festival this year.

We did not arrive at this decision easily and unfortunately it came down to the only two options that we have which are 1) refund all money for camping two weeks before the festival and force all our guests to try and find other locations to stay or 2) continue to host the campground with minimal impact to our guests but address the risks associated with the vans based on the current situation here in the Town and County.

With shuttle service not being offered by the campground our guests will need to travel by personally owned vehicles to the free parking Blue Lot by the college and catch the festival shuttle from there or utilize one of the pay to park lots near the festival.

We know this will impact some guests who have Class A or smaller Class C motor homes and don't tow a drive around vehicle with them and we completely understand the frustration. Unfortunately with the current situation there are no easy decisions that will make all of our guests happy and not impact someone. While we understand that this will be impactful we felt it would be less impactful than refunding all camping reservations and telling our guests to find another location to camp with the start of the festival so close.

Again as we've indicated before if this impacts you and you wish to receive a refund simply call the station at 336-838-2552 and talk to the Engineer on duty and we will happily refund your money.

We continue to appreciate everyone's understanding as we try to work through a very fluid and challenging situation while trying to balance providing a safe environment for our guests while also dealing with local regulations and trying to keep the businesses and residents of North Wilkesboro safe.

This information is also being called on our Facebook page - Merelefest Camping

8/31/21 - Update

Please review this important information as it pertains to Merlefest and this is being communicated by the festival. MERLEFEST SAFETY INFORMATION

Based on the rules and requirements being enforced by Merlefest the North Wilkesboro Fire Department will require the same in an effort to ensure that guests are prepared for Merlefest. Again these are Merlefest requirements that we have elected to adopt for the campground for simplicity sake. If this is a problem then we encourage you to contact the Engineer at Duty at 336-838-2552 and we can arrange a refund of your reservation.

ALL attendees and participants will be required to show one of the following 2 options upon arrival at the campground:

1. Proof of Full vaccination - You can present your vaccination card or a paper photocopy or cell phone photo of your card as proof of your vaccination when you arrive at the campground. Photos/photocopies must show the full card and be legible.

- OR -

2. If you have not been vaccinated or do not have a vaccination card, you must show a printed or digital copy of a negative Covid 19 test performed on you within 72 hours of the time of entry.

Masks - Guest will be required to wear a mask while inside the jam building and for anyone riding on the shuttle vans to the festival. The department will have masks and sanitizer available for guests.

Also at this time there are no further tent reservation spots available.

Driving direction to the campground can be found here:

Direction to campground