North Wilkesboro Fire Department Members
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The members of the North Wilkesboro Fire Department serve as Firefighters as well as First Responders. Officer positions of First and Second Assistant Chief, Captain, Lieutenant and Chaplain are voted on by members at the department's annual meeting in November while the position of Chief is appointed by the Town Manager. The three Engineers are full time town employees.

2121 Chief Jimmy Martin
2122 1st Assistant Chief Kipi Hamby
2123 2nd Assistant Chief John Brown
2124 Captain Adam Higdon
2125 Lieutenant Daniel Brown
2126 Captain Gary Barrows
2127 Engineer Marty Brown
2128 Engineer Kini Hamby
2129 Engineer Robbie Gentle
2131 Chaplain Curt Hayes
2133 Firefighter Mike Queen
2135 Firefighter Frank Blevins
2138 Firefighter Mike Jarvis
2139 Firefighter Jamie Reavis
2142 Firefighter Junior Harrold
2143 Firefighter Rob Horn
2144 Firefighter Dale Shumate
2147 Firefighter Justin Hall
2148 Firefighter Ryan Reavis
2149 Firefighter Chad Cardwell
2152 Firefighter Wesley Harrold
2153 Firefighter Sam Hinnant
2154 Firefighter Jason Hayes
2155 Firefighter Eric Webb
2157 Firefighter Billy Elmore
- - Logan Miller
- - Austin Brooks
- - Colby Nelson
RED - Firefighter
BLUE - Firefighter & First Responder
GREEN - Junior Members