North Wilkesboro Fire Department News Articles
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News articles, in both web and PDF formats, highlighting the North Wilkesboro Fire Department can be viewed below.

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4/21/2015 The Journal Patriot Wilkesboro Fire Started From Overloaded Electrical System
1/23/2015 The Journal Patriot Debris Fire Battled
12/29/2014 The Journal Patriot Firefighters Respond to Blaze in Old Rob Hayes Store Building Monday
11/24/2014 The Journal Patriot Fires Claim 3 Houses In 24 Hours
10/28/2014 The Journal Patriot Mobile Home with Additions on Germantown Road Destroyed by Fire
10/15/2014 The Journal Patriot Martin Is North Wilkesboro Chief
10/13/2014 The Journal Patriot Fire in Same Home Fought Friday, Saturday
9/1/2014 The Journal Patriot Modular Home Lost in Fire From Cookout
4/18/2014 The Journal Patriot Sherrill Gambill, Duke Power Retiree, Dies
4/11/2014 The Journal Patriot Niki Hamby Retires as Fire Chief
12/6/2013 The Journal Patriot Firefighters Limit Flames to Attic Area in Ferrellgas Building Fire
11/25/2013 The Journal Patriot 2 Homes Heavily Damaged In Fires
11/18/2013 The Journal Patriot Bowling, Skate Facilities Burn
11/17/2013 Digtriad - WFMY News 2 Fire at North Wilkesboro Bowling Alley & Skating Rink Can't Be Determined
11/16/2013 WXII - News Channel 12 Wilkes County Bowling Alley Destroyed By Fire
11/16/2013 Winston Salem Journal Bowling Alley and Skating Rink Burn in North Wilkesboro
11/16/2013 My Fox 8 - WGHP Fire Destroys Wilkes County Bowling Alley
11/15/2013 The Journal Patriot Woman Dies In Fire Today
9/13/2013 The Journal Patriot Alerting Firemen Is Much Easier
6/10/2013 The Journal Patriot Learning The Ropes
1/23/2013 The Journal Patriot Controlled Burn Planned At Town Industrial Park
1/21/2013 The Journal Patriot Nissan Crashes Through Power Pole And Stopped By A Second Pole
1/7/2013 The Journal Patriot EMS, First Responders Thanked For Response
1/7/2013 The Journal Patriot Fire Investigated As Arson
1/4/2013 The Journal Patriot Danny Anderson of Hill Street Dies at his Home
12/31/2012 The Journal Patriot 1993 Buick Destroyed By Fire In North Wilkesboro On Monday
12/6/2012 The Journal Patriot Driver Uninjured When Logging Truck Overturns Thursday
7/25/2012 The Journal Patriot Woman Escapes Fire
5/23/2012 FireNews.Net Honors for Kenneth Scott "Scrap Iron" Walters
5/21/2012 The Journal Patriot Ken "Scrap Iron" Walters, Former County Fire Marshal, Dies Saturday
4/30/2012 The Journal Patriot 2 House Fires Are Battled On Saturday
4/11/2012 WXII - News Channel 12 4-Alarm Blaze Damages Wilkesboro Snack Shop
4/11/2012 Wilkes Journal Patriot Fire Heavily Damages The 50s
3/15/2012 Wilkes Journal Patriot Woman In Critical Condition After Being Rescued From Fire
1/29/2012 Wilkes Journal Patriot House Gutted By Fire That Started From Children Playing With Lighter
1/11/2012 The Record Of Wilkes Man Dies In House Fire
1/9/2012 Winston-Salem Journal North Wilkesboro Man Dies In Fire
1/9/2012 WXII - News Channel 12 Christmas Tree Blamed For Fatal Fire
1/9/2012 WGHP - Fox 8 Man Dies in North Wilkesboro House Fire  
1/9/2012 Wilkes Journal Patriot Fatal Fire Ruled Accidental
11/2/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Two Separate But Related Fires At Greene Brothers Furniture Battled
10/19/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Security Effort Involves Over 250 Local People
7/29/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Fire Destroys Van, Car
7/29/2011 The Record Of Wilkes Car Fires Ruled Suspicious
7/28/2011 WXII News Channel 12 North Wilkesboro Van Fire Called Suspicious  
7/20/2011 The Record Of Wilkes Fire Destroys Cricket Garage
6/29/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Firefighters Respond to Smoke at American Drew Building
6/24/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot House Fire in Mulberry Limited to Kitchen, Hallway and Attic
6/24/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Dryer Apparently Caused Fire
6/03/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Harold Brown, Rescue Squad, Fire Service Leader, Dies
6/01/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Harold Brown, 77, Dies Early Today  
5/25/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Wilkes Has Back-To-Back Stormy Days
2/16/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Three Departments Respond To Byrd Ridge Road Fire
1/7/2011 Wilkes Journal Patriot Driver injured when pickup hits house on N.C. 18 Monday
12/31/2010 Wilkes Journal Patriot City Florist Storage Burns
12/20/2010 Wilkes Journal Patriot Mobile home gutted by fire Sunday  
10/22/2010 Wilkes Journal Patriot Town's plans for new fire station put on hold
10/11/2010 Wilkes Journal Patriot Woman dies after collision in North Wilkesboro
8/9/2010 Wilkes Journal Patriot Main Street Is Blocked When Car Overturns
5/17/2010 Wilkes Journal Patriot North Wilkesboro Fire Department Past, Future Celebrated
5/14/2010 Wilkes Journal Patriot 100 Years Of Firefighting
5/14/2010 Wilkes Journal Partriot Plans For Fire Department Anniversary
5/12/2010 The Record Of Wilkes North Wilkesboro Fire Department Celebrates 100 Years
10/28/2009 The Record Of Wilkes Two Injured In North Wilkesboro Fire
10/27/2009 Wilkes Journal Patriot Two Injured In Fire In Town This Morning
9/11/2009 Wilkes Journal Patriot Two Hurt When Car Hits Truck, Building
7/24/2009 Wilkes Journal Patriot Plans Outlined For Drew Site
7/22/2009 Wilkes Journal Patriot Fire Station Planned At Drew Plant Site
5/22/2009 Wilkes Journal Patriot Town Fire Department Turning 100
5/20/2009 Wilkes Journal Patriot Truck Trailer Overturns In North Wilkesboro
6/16/2008 Wilkes Journal Patriot Garage Burns Friday
6/9/2008 Wilkes Journal Patriot Large Home Burns Friday Along Lithia Valley Road
6/2/2008 Wilkes Journal Patriot Man Injured In Fire On Camp Jo Harris Road
5/23/2008 Wilkes Journal Patriot Fire At Wilkes Towers Results In Evacuation
3/9/2007 The Record Of Wilkes Tyson Fire Destroys Building
11/30/2005 The Record Of Wilkes Fire Guts Historic Restaurant Building
5/25/2005 The Record Of Wilkes Old Record Offices Burned For Training
5/25/2005 The Record Of Wilkes Photos
1/12/2005 The Record Of Wilkes Fire Guts North Wilkesboro Business
3/31/2004 The Record Of Wilkes The Record Burns, Moves
1/14/2004 The Record Of Wilkes Man Dies In Fire, Smoke Alarm Had No Batteries
11/3/2003 The Record Of Wilkes Fierce storm rocks North Wilkesboro
10/22/2003 The Record Of Wilkes Man, Woman, Dog, Rabbit, Duck Escape Burning Apartment Building
02/23/2000 The Record Of Wilkes A Servant's Tale